Dependable Sheet Metal

Industrial & Commercial Custom Heavy Gauge Metal Fabrication
Mobile, Alabama

Examples of What We Do


Here's how it arrives at Dependable:

Arriving raw

and below is how it looks after we're done.


Fan shroud

Stainless Steel
                Junction Box

We've fabricated the coolest stuff for thousands of satisfied customers for over 50 years, with an experienced team of long-term, very talented, brilliant, metal artists.

Food Processing Stainless
                        Steel Strainers  Drum
                        container  Stainless
                        steel chute   Filter
                        guard  Motor
                        cover Personal Protective Enclosure (PPE)

Count on our dependability... for industrial, nautical & commercial work, molds for rubber, plastic, fiberglass & for insulation, safety guards, machine guards, modular Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) enclosures, airport baggage / luggage chutes, deep-sea drilling equipment, steps, cross-overs, pipe-hangers, signs, firewater riser enclosures, shelves, supports, brackets, ducting, hoppers, Nauta Mixers (conical screw blenders), environmental ducting, chutes, bag houses, blowpipes, blower cabinets, junction boxes, slide gates (chain & hand-actuated), magnet drawers, spiral chutes, stainless steel kitchen fixtures, torpedoes, & movie props for Hollywood.

Re-Manufacturing Obsolete, Damaged or Deteriorated Parts
Repaired conveyor Re-made brackets  Re-manufactured motor cover

Buildings, Drilling Rigs & Ships

Ship airflow regulator Aluminum Gym
                          Room Walkways  Environmental ductingIndustrial Piping & Hangars  Roof hoppers, ducting & chutes  Ship vent  Ducting

Anything you want, really, so long as you want it done really well.


We work with, & on:

factories, processing plants,
manufacturing facilities,
ships, steel mills, paper mills,
re-packaging plants,
chemical processing plants, naval vessels, movie studios, museums,...

Shut-downs, emergencies,


                Vertical bin

Angled pipe