Dependable Sheet Metal

Industrial & Commercial Custom Heavy Gauge Metal Fabrication
Mobile, Alabama

How Dependable Sheet Metal Earned Such a Great Reputation

  1)  Lean, talented teams, with the freedom to get it done. Minimal paperwork & forms. Our guys personally walk your project through from start to finish. They do not just hand off to someone who lets it sit on his desk until he gets around to it. Your job won't be stuck in an "in-box" somewhere. (We follow the famous Kelly Johnson style, described below)

   2)  Years of experience. Because we provide the freedom, our team really enjoys working here & we lead the industry in experience & tenure. We give accurate estimates. And we make you look good by anticipating & solving problems you may not even know you had.

3)  Respect. Because we have been doing this so long, earning such a good reputation, you won't be embarrassed by letting us help you on your project. You'll brag about it!

4) Elite Teams. We have the luxury of only hiring the best around. We don't train people on your job. Our guys love knowing that, here, they're with the best around.

5) Safe. We enjoy the highest safety ratings & continually send our crews out for refresher courses. Our Shop Foreman is a Certified OSHA Safety Instructor.

6) Priceless Network. We work with the best sub-contractors anywhere. If you actually have something that we can't do, we work with people that can, & we've probably helped them out in the past so they owe us (& you) a favor!

Lockheed engineer Kelly Johnson, founder of "Skunk Works," & Area 51, designer of the SR-71, F-117A Stealth Nighthawk, Constellation, C-130 Hercules...was a brilliant engineer, but may be most known for his successful management style:                         
Some of Johnson's management elements:  Project managers should have complete control, & complete responsibility, for their projects.

The number of people involved must be restricted.

Managers should have the flexibility to adapt.

Use "strong but small" teams.

Everyone involved has input, & responsibility.

Use minimal, but thorough, reports.